Tealight lantern

Tealight lantern

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Tealight holder lantern, with exchangeable side panels. Maze and Voronoi patterns are available, it is also possible to add your own pattern.

Printing Details
It is a lightweight design that requires a well-calibrated printer. I recommend the use of a 3D printing adhesive.

How to do
  • print the base and glue the feet under it,
    you need eight feet
  • print the bottom and top frame,
    print the support, you need four,
    glue it together, don't use to much glue
  • print the panels, you need four
  • the side panels slide into the frame from above
  • don't glue the side panels, they stay in place by themselves
  • put the frame on the base, don't glue it
Tealight lantern
Tealight lantern
Tealight lantern
How to print the side panels
  • I recommend a layer height of 0.2mm
  • with a layer height of 0.2mm, the side panel consists of four layers
  • two layers panel and two layers pattern
  • I used transparent filament for the panels and black for the pattern
  • you can print it by changing the filament at 0.6mm (recommended)
  • or you do a multi material print (recommended)
  • or you print it as one piece and paint the pattern
  • there is also an blank side panel, you can apply your own pattern there
Tealight lantern

Object parts (4.5MB)

  • base.stl
  • foot.stl
  • frame bottom.stl
  • frame top.stl
  • panel blank.stl
  • panel maze 1.stl
  • panel maze 2.stl
  • panel maze 3.stl
  • panel maze 4.stl
  • panel voronoi 1.stl
  • panel voronoi 2.stl
  • panel voronoi 3.stl
  • panel voronoi 4.stl
  • support.stl
Tealight lantern
Tealight lantern
Safety instructions
  • Please handle tea lights and open fires with care and do not leave any tea lights unattended
  • Do not use too large tealights (30mm > ⌀ < 40mm)
  • If you are not sure about using real tea lights, use LED tea lights instead
Tealight lantern


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